Dog need Exercise and Grooming


Dogs require exercise to maintain their health, burn calories, and keep their minds active. Depending on the breed, or breed mix, sex, age, and state of health, each person has different exercise needs. Dogs who exercise regularly tend to avoid boredom, which can result in negative behaviours. Many of your pet’s instinctual urges to dig, herd, chew, retrieve, and chase will be satisfied by supervised fun and games.


With regular brushing, you can keep your dog clean and cut down on shedding. During warm weather, check your pet daily for ticks and fleas. Most dogs only need to be bathed a few times per year at most. Remove all mats from the coat with a comb or knife before bathing. Rinse the coat thoroughly to remove all soap; otherwise, soap residue will attract dirt. For more information, please visit our page on dog grooming tips.

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