Best Pest Control Methods if You Own Pets

Pets and pests are two words which are spelled very similarly. And the truth is you can’t have pets without eventually running into issues with pests. No matter how hard you try, you pet will eventually be exposed to some sort of pest.

Types of Pests Associated with Pets

The number one pest associated with pets are fleas. These little parasites live by biting living creatures and drawing blood from them. They reproduce in the thousands so getting ahead of them is key.

Ticks are another bloodsucking pest that you may experience as a pet owner. These are dangerous because they can spread disease to both humans and animals alike. 

Steve, an agent with Pest Control Melbourne, FL says the following “whether your pet is an indoor animal or outdoor animal, you will most likely face a challenge at some point. Outdoor pets are exposed much more so just get used to managing the issue. Remember the old saying “an ounce of prevention…”? Well, it applies to pest control for pets as well. 


The very best thing you can do for your pet is have them wear a collar which repels fleas, mites and ticks. The pest cannot establish itself on your animal because the collar keeps them from doing so. 

Regular pest treatment of the home such as borax powder scattered around the home as well as diatomaceous Earth as well. These treatments can keep certain pest numbers very low. 


Simple and common sense tactics can save you and your pet a great deal of agony. Make sure to visit the pet store or call your local pest control agent for more tips. 

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