Discover the Top 9 Ugliest Fish: A Fascinating Exploration of Nature’s Oddities

Ocean is filled with beautiful fish and other sea creatures in different shapes and sizes. But, not every species is good looking or amusing. There are many fish species which are scary, have aliens like faces and some may prove to be killer fish for humans. In this article, We will explore the ugliest fish of the ocean.


The blobfish is scientifically known as Psychrolutes marcidusIn 2013, Bobfish was called the ugliest oceanic creature by Ugly Animal Preservation Society. The Blobfish lives in the depth of water. It is considered endangered due to being caught by fish catchers.

Frilled Shark

Frilled shark is scientifically known as Chlamydoselachus anguineus. You cannot say whether it is alive or dead by its appearance. The Frilled shark belongs to the shark family. It is believed that sharks have been into existence for more than 80 million years. This is why it is also called a “living fossil.” The Frilled shark has a slim, slender body and flattened head. It has a mouth full of sharp teeths.

Atlantic Wolffish

Atlantic Wolffish is scientifically known as Anarhichas lupus. Atlantic fish are found in the deep waters of the Atlantic ocean. It is known as Devil fish due to its appearance. The Atlantic Wolffish has a long grey colored body and has black and white spots on the body. It has sharp teeths to prey and munch the crabs and small fish in the depth.

Sloane’s Viperfish

The Sloane’s Viperfish is scientifically named as Chauliodus sloani. It has a slim body with eyes stretching out of its body scaring its prey. It has a big jaw with a pair of sharp teeths used to munch its food. The Sloane’s Viperfish is a deep sea dweller and can be found in the depths of Atlantic ocean, Pacific oceana and Indian ocean.

BumpHead ParrotFish

BumpHead Parrotfish are scientifically known as Bolbometopon muricatum. It is a unique and ugly fish due to its size and appearance. The BumpHead ParrotFish can grow up to 4 feet in size. They have a huge bump on their heads and drab body color like food being caught in algae. The BumpHead ParrotFish has beak-like teeth giving its appearance like a parrot.

Angler Fish

Angler fish are scientifically known as Lophius piscatorius. It has a huge half moon shaped mouth which is completely filled with sharp and irregular teeth. The Angler fish can be called as the ugliest creature on the planet earth. They have dark grey brownish colored bodies and a size up to one meter. This fish has meshy fins on the whole body giving it an ugly look.


Monkfish is scientifically known as Lophius americanus. This ugly fish belongs to the Lophiidae family type. The Monkfish are native to the Atlantic ocean, north to Canada. It is mostly found in the depths of the Pacific ocean. The Monkfish are used as a human food. This species is getting low in numbers day by day due to overeating by humans.

Goblin Shark

The Goblin shark is scientifically known as Mitsukurina owstoni. This species family Mitsukurinidae is endangered and Goblin sharks are the only living members of thor family. You can easily recognize it with its long snout. The Goblin shark has large, sharp teeth used to prey on its food. The Goblin shark has wrinkled, transparent skin for the passage light.

Red-Lipped Batfish

Red-Lipped Batfish is scientifically known as Ogcocephalus darwini. This fish has a weird looking face which has a beard, mustache, large nose and red lips. This fish is found in the Galapagos river and South American coast near Peru. This fish does not swim frequently in water rather it walks on the ocean floor on the coast.


In conclusion, We have explained the top 9 ugliest fish of the ocean which are notorious for their ugly shapes, sizes and irregular physiques. They scare humans with their weird appearance but most of these fish are on the verge of being endangered.

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