Pets and technology

Lots of carers will confirm that pets are members of the family. We care for them as any other inhabitant of the house, the fact that there are millions of dogs and cats in Europe indicates the phenomenon’s scale. Pets live with us in all rural and urban conditions, creating various challenges and needs. With the development of technology, which makes everyday life easier for people, new products for our four-legged friends are constantly appearing on the market.

Safety assured

It is important to choose solutions that will help animals and make it easier for us to care for them. Automatic food feeders, water fountains for cats equipped with a motion sensor, and self-cleaning litter boxes are modern devices we can already use in our homes.

According to market research from 2022 by Samsung in European countries on expectations for animal-friendly technology, many people are optimistic about developing technology in this area. The principal areas in which we see an opportunity to improve the quality of life of pets and their owners are safety, cleanliness, food distribution and increasing pet activity. Regarding protection, the solution needed is using locators and monitoring animals with the help of mobile cameras coupled with our smartphones. Thanks to this, we can observe our pet resting on his favourite bed, e.g., from the BB Republic series.

Easier to tidy up

Smart devices can also help provide food – all kinds of automatic feeders and dispensers of food or water. Such solutions will significantly contribute to improving the quality of life of animals during the absence of their careers and thus reduce the stress associated with leaving small friends at home.

Technology can also help us keep our homes clean. We hope that technology development will allow us to automate the cleaning process after animals. Hence the popularity of self-cleaning litter boxes.

Development tools

Modern technologies can also help to activate our pets, provide them with incentives to play, stimulate development and prevent boredom. Electronic toys have already taken over our market. We can choose, for example, robotic mice, an interactive bone, or a ball. An interesting fact may be sets of buttons with which we can improve communication, learn to understand, and listen to our pets more effectively.

Technological development is inevitable. We must choose the best new scientific achievements to increase the well-being of our pupils.

The article was created with the substantive support of the BB Republic partner.

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